Artist Statment

My artistic practice is focused primarily on painting parts of the Canadian landscape which have impacted my life. For the most part this includes the Quebec Laurentians, Ontario's Haliburton Highlands and the Rocky mountains of Jasper National Park in Alberta. 

Initially my medium of choice was oil, however, over the past two years I have also become interested in making egg tempera paints and utilizing them in the traditional cross hatching method which has resulted in several small scale highly detailed works. 


I have also begun to explore various print techniques, including lithography, wood block and screen printing. I like to address similar subject matter in my print work as my paintings, taking advantage of the limitations of print media to explore the same scenes through a different lens.

 I take inspiration mainly from the way in which I experience the world around me, as well as those artists such as J.M.W Turner, Mary Pratt and Clarence Gangnon who were so successful in capturing their worlds and rendering them in paint.